Applied jQuery

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Applied jQuery (Peachpit Press)
A must-have book for developers new to jQuery looking for guidance in setting up their code.Ralph Whitbeck, Host of The Official jQuery Podcast

About the Book

Applied jQuery teaches readers how to quickly start writing application interfaces. The beautifully designed book offers practical techniques and provides lots of real-world advice and guidance. The Author, Jay Blanchard, has practical experience working in the field and wastes no time getting to the instruction, taking the reader from a beginner to a proficient interface programmer by the end of the book.

Today's Web developers are are expected to be well versed in many different technologies. While it is good to have a shelf full of books that focus on single technologies, having a book that shows developers how to combine these technologies is key. This book takes the reader beyond the fundamental mechanics of individual technologies to illustrate the value and power of combining jQuery and PHP with templates and layouts handled by HTML and CSS. Beginning to intermediate web developers designing and developing web application interfaces and web sites will learn how to blend these ingredient technologies, as well as how to secure jQuery.

About the Author

Jay Blanchard is a long-time code jockey who developed a passion for efficient and effective web design well over a decade ago. His latest projects include several business specific, web-based customer provisioning and billing systems. He has become fascinated with jQuery and has a burning desire to help others learn how to use jQuery effectively within the framework of other web technologies.

You can contact Jay at his web site.

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